31 Oct

PAMITA Kurang-kurangan, a charming set of miniature kitchen pots and pans meticulously crafted from clay, reflects the creative ingenuity of Iriz Valencia. Fond childhood memories center around vibrant make-believe culinary escapades with siblings and neighbors, inspired by the vivid colors and intricate designs of these cherished miniature cooking implements.

Iriz's culinary journey began early, marked by tender recollections of preparing a beloved Egg dish for siblings in the absence of their parents. Guided by a mother blessed with an exceptional palate, Iriz pursued a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, fueled by the enduring dream of establishing a restaurant.

Following a formative stint at Jollibee as a fast-food crew member, Iriz's dedication and talent were soon recognized, leading to a pivotal role as Shift Manager overseeing Sales and Marketing. Overseas ventures brought opportunities to offer comforting "paluto" food trays to fellow compatriots, fostering a sense of home even in distant lands. Upon returning to the Philippines, an initial foray into the food industry near a state university paved the way for the establishment of an Event Management Services venture, encompassing weddings, birthdays, baptisms, styling, hosting, and catering.

Throughout the various twists and turns, Iriz's unwavering love for cooking remained steadfast, culminating in the birth of Pamita on October 7, 2021. Derived from the Kapampangan dialect, "Pamita" embodies the essence of craving and desire, encapsulated by the motto "Manyaman tutu man!" (Delicious beyond compare!), symbolizing the commitment to delivering truly satisfying culinary experiences.

Fueled by a steadfast faith in divine guidance, Iriz remains confident in the journey toward expanding the business, trusting in the divine timing foretold by the verse from Ecclesiastes 3:11, "He makes things beautiful in his time." With an inviting spirit, Iriz warmly encourages all to join in the culinary delights, proclaiming, "Tara Kaibigan Kain Tayo! Masarap Yarn Promise!" (Come, friend, let's eat! It's truly delicious, I promise!)

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