22 Oct

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Pampanga launched the Pamibangun Trade Fair at Waltermart, Pampanga, aiming to provide a platform for local businesses to rise from the challenges brought by natural calamities. The fair, which commenced on October 20, was a collaborative effort between DTI Pampanga and Waltermart Pampanga.

Pamibangun, derived from the Kapampangan language, signifies the resilient spirit of rising from the aftermath of floods. The event primarily welcomed small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from District 4 Pampanga, who were significantly impacted by the recent typhoons Egay and Falcon.

Emphasizing the integration of creative industries into their initiatives, the opening ceremony of the fair was enlivened with diverse and engaging performances. Notably, a stirring spoken-word performance by Louella, a member of the Paper Soul, left a poignant impact on the audience, underscoring the event's commitment to showcasing local talent and creativity.

The Pamibangun Trade Fair stands as a testament to DTI Pampanga's dedication to supporting and revitalizing the local economy, fostering resilience, and promoting the growth of SMEs in the face of challenging circumstances.

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