Although the pandemic forced us to stay home and do most of our work online, it also allowed us to gather MSMEs more easily. Thanks to online conference tools, virtual town hall meetings became possible. Two Virtual Town Hall meetings with MSMEs and various stakeholders were established by DTI Pampanga.  They were dubbed "MUMUNANG UCDU" and "PAMITIPUN."

"Mumunang Ucdu," or "First Semester" in Kapampangan, is being conducted in the middle of the year to assess the success of DTI Programs conducted from January to June. DTI Pampanga also presented upcoming programs for the "Ikadwang Ucdu," or "Second Semester".

"Pamitipun," or "gathering" in Kapampangan, is being conducted in December and this serves as the year-end business conference of the Business Development Division. During the event, DTI awards their partners, including financing institutions, academic institutions, and local malls. MSMEs are also being awarded for being active partners and supporters of DTI-organized activities.