In 2021, DTI Pampanga implemented two major projects, Pasikatan and Pasantingan, to assist Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) during the pandemic. Pasikatan, meaning "to popularize" or "to make known" in Kapampangan, is a 6-week online marketing course aimed at providing MSMEs with the skills needed to effectively market and sell their products online. The MSME beneficiaries committed to attend the program every Friday from 1pm to 5pm and high caliber speakers in the field of digital marketing were invited to lead the course.The following modules were conducted under the Pasikatan Program:

  1. Magumpisa: Marketing in the New Normal
  2. Sumulat: Writing for your brand online
  3. Maglitratu: Digital phone photography
  4. Makiusu: Social Media marketing trends and tools for business
  5. Sulagpo: Logistics as a competitive advantage for MSMEs
  6. Speed matching of service providers

A total of 24 MSMEs were enrolled in the Pasikatan program, and by the end of the program, all of them were able to establish a visible presence on social media and online marketing platforms.