31 Oct

P.A. LUMANOG MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS TRADING remains an exceptional shop for those seeking to purchase musical instruments. It is located in San Antonio, Guagua, Pampanga. Pilar Lumanog, the current owner of P.A. Lumanog Musical Instruments, emphasizes that her grandfather, Angel Lumanog, was exceptionally meticulous about the quality of their products. Continuing the family legacy, Pilar Lumanog ensures that the quality not only remains consistent but also improves over time.

P.A. Lumanog is renowned for its diverse range of guitars, including acoustic and electric guitars, as well as unique varieties such as Bandurria and Laud. Pilar Lumanog acknowledges that their journey has been challenging, often involving sacrifices and unforeseen obstacles. Despite occasional difficulties, such as attracting clients and investing in new materials, she maintains a resilient attitude, acknowledging that business inherently involves risk.

Pilar Lumanog continues to cover the rent for their new shop, with plans to expand it to provide more space for displaying their products. She proudly asserts that their sacrifices have been worthwhile. Notably, P.A. Lumanog Musical Instruments Trading recently achieved a significant milestone by showcasing their products at a nearby resort, a moment that Pilar Lumanog regards with great pride, as it offers an opportunity to share their passion with others.

As an active participant in the KMME of DTI, Pilar Lumanog aims to expand her understanding of their business, particularly in leveraging social media for product sales. Her aspirations include establishing additional stores, alongside their existing manufacturing shop situated near the new guitar shop. P.A. Lumanog has witnessed considerable success, with numerous customers visiting to purchase their guitar instruments. The shop also features beatboxes, and Pilar Lumanog intends to introduce more instruments in the future.

In conclusion, she encourages others to continually explore new avenues while cherishing and nurturing their existing strengths. Pilar Lumanog firmly believes that personal growth stems from embracing one's passions and experiences, learning from them, and allowing them to pave the way for future endeavors.

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