31 Oct

On September 19, 2023, the One Town One Product (OTOP) Hub at Marquee Mall, Angeles City, buzzed with energy during the Content Creator Day. The event brought together local artisans and ten content creators to showcase the unique crafts and products found within the OTOP Hub.

The OTOP Hub is a special place dedicated to promoting local businesses and their products. Inside, you can find all sorts of things made by people in the community, like handcrafted items and tasty treats that tell a story about where they come from.

During the day, the content creators took photos and videos of the products, showing everyone how special they are. They also talked about "Hoy Balu Mo," a platform that helps people see and appreciate all the cool things made by locals. Mr. Darby Raul Bognot and DTI Pampanga Provincial Director Elenita Ordonio were there to encourage everyone and talk about how important it is to support local creativity.

The event ended with the launch of "Hoy Balu Mo" and a big thank you to the content creators. It was a great day that showed how much talent and cool stuff the community has to offer.

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