31 Oct

Rodel Basilio, the owner of Rodel's Delicacies, never imagined that he would become an entrepreneur. He is an Associate in Computer Science graduate. Now a proud business owner, he recalls working as a salesman and a manager in clothing retail stores in malls for almost 15 years.

He started from scratch. Through initiative and determination, he was able to secure the necessary permits to operate as a business. In 2012, he joined his first Trade Fair, the Sinukwan Festival Fair. From then on, he was able to participate in many DTI organized events such as the DTI-CARP Central Luzon Trade Fair 2007, where he bagged 3rd top seller and the Likha ng Central Luzon from 2017 to 2019. He featured his products like the San Nicolas de Mejico Cookies and Fernandino Parul Cookies in these fairs.

Mr. Basilio and his business have gone a long way. Just recently, he started building his new work area where he worked on new products like greaseless peanuts, spicy greaseless peanuts, mixed nuts, and mixed nuts with green peas. This year, despite the pandemic, he continues to sell his products online. Rodel's Delicacies was part of DTI's Likha ng Central Luzon Online.
Mr. Basilio owes his success to his courage to pursue his dreams and the agencies that supported him along the way.
"Never stop! Keep moving forward till you push yourself to the limits to achieve your goals and aspiration in life," he shares.

Rodel's Delicacies is a graduate of the Kapatid Mentor Me project 2017.

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