31 Oct

Clad Concepts, formerly known as Chrislai Furnicrafts, has carved an illustrious path as a distinguished manufacturer of furniture, wooden handicrafts, and bespoke fixtures. Embedded within its legacy is the visionary leadership of Mr. Crispin Espino Tungol, an erstwhile Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), who laid the cornerstone of the company's success back in 1989. What began as a modest venture has since burgeoned into a thriving enterprise, shaped by a steadfast commitment to sustainability and community empowerment.

In its nascent stages, the company keenly recognized the untapped potential of pine wood in the furniture industry. With a humble initial investment of Php500, the creation of their first product, a reclining/folding chair, marked a pivotal moment that set the stage for Chrislai Furnicrafts' ascendancy. The subsequent foray into the realm of international exports between 1995 and 1997 bore witness to the brand's burgeoning success. However, the disruptive entry of Chinese competitors in the export market compelled a strategic pivot, leading to a temporary cessation of overseas operations.

Nevertheless, amidst the shifting tides of the industry, Clad Concepts found a new trajectory through a fortuitous partnership with Robinsons Corporation in 2000. Entrusted with the creation of wooden fixtures for Robinsons Supermarkets' fresh produce sections nationwide, the collaboration with the esteemed corporation marked a significant turning point for the brand. Building upon this success, the year 2019 ushered in another milestone as Double Dragon enlisted Clad Concepts to supply wooden fixtures for their Merry Mart branches, further amplifying the company's influence and reach.

Embracing a forward-looking approach, the involvement of Mr. Tungol's children heralded a new era of innovation and rebranding for the company. Driven by a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Clad Concepts has positioned itself as a torchbearer of responsible sourcing, consciously opting to import pine wood from ecologically sustainable regions, shunning environmentally detrimental practices prevalent within the local industry.

Acknowledging the instrumental role of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in their journey, Mr. Lean Tungol, the son of Mr. Crispin Tungol, underscored the profound impact of DTI's support through its array of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) initiatives, particularly the transformative influence of the One Town, One Product (OTOP) program and the invaluable insights gained from their participation in the PASIKATAN program, geared towards enhancing marketing competencies amidst a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Looking ahead, Clad Concepts remains resolute in its commitment to continual product innovation and service refinement. While harboring aspirations to extend their footprint beyond Philippine shores, the company's immediate focus centers on honing their offerings, with a collective aspiration to showcase the rich artistry and craftsmanship of Clad Concepts to a global audience, affirming their position as trailblazers within the international market.

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