31 Oct

The Likha ng Central Luzon (LCL) Briefing was conducted on October 17, 2023 by Mr. Darby Raul L. Bognot, BDD-EDS Head and Trade Promotion Focal Person.  

The discussion encompassed various important aspects of the Likha ng Central Luzon 2023 event. The session started with an overview of the Participants Time Table, which spans from the initial phase commencing on August 31, involving the submission of the LCL Application Form, and concluding on October 29, culminating in the egress of the LCL Participants. In addition to the timeline, a comprehensive examination of the exhibitor's manual was conducted, covering topics such as Sanctions for Non-compliance, House Rules, Registration Procedures, Sales Documentation Procedures, Warehousing Procedures, and Booth Assignment guidelines. 

This detailed briefing ensures that exhibitors are well-informed about the procedures and guidelines of the event.

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