31 Oct

Aiza's Sweets, a cherished local MSME in Sasmuan, has been delighting taste buds with their irresistible confections for years. Renowned for their mouthwatering treats, Aiza's Sweets recently embarked on a transformative journey through the Pasantingan Program, a Product Development Program aimed at refining and enhancing the packaging, labeling, and logos of MSMEs.

This groundbreaking program brought a fresh perspective to the way Aiza's Sweets presented their candied cashew nuts to the market. Acknowledging the significance of captivating packaging in today's competitive market, Aiza's Sweets collaborated with DTI Pampanga, tapping into the expertise of Ms. Novia Zapata and other mentors to revamp the packaging of their candied cashew nuts, ensuring it was not only attractive but also eye-catching.

The fruits of their labor were showcased at the prestigious Likha ng Central Luzon Trade Fair held at the SM Megamall. Aiza's Sweets proudly joined the ranks of exhibitors, displaying their newly packaged products. Aiza's Sweets stood out.

The pinnacle of this journey arrived when Aiza's Sweets was honored with the Best Packaging Award at the Likha Awards ceremony. Among the participants from Central Luzon, Aiza's Sweets emerged as the victor.

This recognition not only underscored Aiza's Sweets' unwavering dedication but also served as a celebration of local artisanship and the notable progress achieved through programs like Pasantingan.

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