22 Oct

Innovation is vital for business growth. Acknowledging this, DTI Pampanga recently concluded Phase 3 of its Product Development Program, "Pasantingan." This phase showcased fresh designs and prototypes that breathed new life into the participating products.

The event, held at the DTI Regional Office, buzzed with anticipation as participants arrived for registration at 8:00 AM. Each MSME had a dedicated session with a designer, ensuring personalized attention and a focus on their specific creative needs. With a team of four talented designers, the program offered a rich pool of expertise and creative diversity.

The essence of Phase 3 was the revealing of designs and prototypes, representing the journey from an initial creative idea to its realization. As this phase of Pasantingan wraps up, the participating MSMEs stand on the brink of transformation. Equipped with innovative designs and prototypes, they are ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the competitive market.

Innovation isn't just about novelty; it's about improvement. With the guidance of DTI Pampanga, MSMEs are now equipped not just to survive but to thrive in the dynamic world of commerce.
As the spotlight falls on the designs and prototypes, it's evident that this program is not just about products; it's about empowerment. It's about providing MSMEs with the tools to navigate their own path, adapt, grow, and script their own success stories.

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