31 Oct

In a quaint artisan workshop, the Made By Pearl brand lovingly crafted two special dolls, Maria Clara and Ibarra. These unique creations were not just ordinary dolls; they were infused with a comforting scent, designed to provide solace during moments of stress and unease.

Maria Clara, named after the iconic heroine of Jose Rizal's "Noli Me Tangere," embodied grace and resilience. Her gown and serene expression captured the essence of the noble Filipina, reflecting a spirit of unwavering strength and elegance. Ibarra, on the other hand, was reminiscent of the protagonist in Rizal's "El Filibusterismo," a figure synonymous with determination and the pursuit of justice. With his refined demeanor and tailored suit, Ibarra symbolized perseverance and the quest for societal change.

As their subtle fragrance enveloped those who held them, they seemed to carry with them the spirit of resilience and hope, a gentle reminder that even in the most trying times, solace and tranquility could be found within their embrace.

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